Features of our Service :
FREE Account set up FREE UK Virtual Mobile Number Receive calls to your UK Virtual Number for FREE Divert inbound calls to your existing landline / mobile in 70 countries for FREE! Get sms / text messages delivered to your email address for free! Free online account management & statistics No hidden charges. No contract

Free international calls using our UK Virtual Mobile numbers using call forwarding and call divert

Free international call divert

If you are looking for free international calls to over 70 countries in the world, then our service might be able to assist you accomplish that goal.

Some UK and European mobile and fixed line networks will allow you to call our UK Virtual Mobile numbers for free using their inlusive bundled minutes. You will need to check with your provider if our numbers are included in your bundled minutes.

In essence this means that you could set up free call divert to an international number of your choice using our online portal.

You could then call your virtual UK Mobile number for free using your inclusive bundled minutes and the call will automatically divert and connect to the international number of your choice for free, giving you totally free international calls!

The great thing is that you can change the number that you want to connect to overseas via our online portal, at any time.

Many popular destinations that people call using free call divert are Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and many more. The good news is that we support all of these destinations and many more.

Cheap international calls using our UK Virtual Mobile numbers using call forwarding and call divert

In the above example we told you how you can achieve free international calling using our free UK Virtual numbers.

In order to get free calls you need to ensure that your operator lets you call our virtual numbers for free using your bundled minutes. But if they charge you for the call it's not all bad news as it might be cheaper for you to call abroad via our Virtual Numbers in comparison to calling abroad direct.

For example let's say you want to call Nigeria. Let's say that your current provider charges you 10p per minute to call Nigeria but they charge you only 3p per minute to call our Virtual Mobile Number range.

So the answer's simple. Log in to your online portal and set up free call divert to your number in Nigeria.

Then call our Virtual Number from your phone. The call will automatically connect to your Nigeria number using our free call forwarding service and the call to our virtual number will only cost you 3p per minute as opposed to 10p per minute if you were to call direct, saving you a healthy 7p per minute!

With free call divert to over 70 countries our service provides a potential opportunity for you to call all around the world and slash your phone bill in the process!