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FREE Account set up FREE UK Virtual Mobile Number Receive calls to your UK Virtual Number for FREE Divert inbound calls to your existing landline / mobile in 70 countries for FREE! Get sms / text messages delivered to your email address for free! Free online account management & statistics No hidden charges. No contract

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Free international call divert

Get a free UK Mobile Virtual Number from us and divert calls to your existing landline or mobile for free!

Are you based in the UK? Are you someone who doesn't like to give their personl number out to too many people?

Perhaps you sell items online on websites like Gum Tree or eBay or you have signed up to various dating websites and don't want the general public to disturb you all hours of the day, yet you want the power to control when people can and cant contact you?

Perhaps you travel a lot or you're available on different numbers at different times of the week / month and want to use just 1 number to manage all your calls?

My UK Virtual Number provides the perfect solution for you. Get a free Uk Virtual Mobile number from us and set up your UK Virtual Number to divert all incoming calls to your existing landline or mobile phone number. Call divert is free and can be set up and changed via our online portal 24 hours, 7 days a week . Set up a free account with us and get a free UK Virtual Mobile Number e.g +44 7998 123 456

Then all you do is advertise or distribute your free virtual number to members of the public or give it to your family and friends..

When you want to be reached divert the calls via our online portal, to your landline or mobile. When you don't want to be reached turn the divert off.

We offer free international call divert to landlines and mobiles in over 70 countries around the world so it wont cost you anything for the incoming call to be routed to you. You don't even need to be in the UK to receive the call.

Each time anybody calls you on your Virtual UK Number it will automatically connect to your existing landline / mobile. There is no additional software or hardware required and no broadband or wifi connections are needed. We route all of your inbound calls to you for free, to your existing landline or mobile via established telephone networks around the world.

The people calling you, pay their mobile / fixed landline provider for calling you on your UK Virtual Mobile Number just like they would pay for any other call. Your Virtual Number is a standard UK Mobile Number. It is NOT a premium number so your customers should not be charged an extortionate price to call you. In some cases your customers may be able to call you on your Virtual Number for free using their inclusive minute bundles from their existing mobile / landline provider.

Your customers can also send text / sms messages to your UK Virtual Mobile Phone Number. Anytime one of your customers sends you a text / sms message we will convert it into an email and forward it on to your nominated email address instantly, free of charge.