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FREE Account set up FREE UK Virtual Mobile Number Receive calls to your UK Virtual Number for FREE Divert inbound calls to your existing landline / mobile in 70 countries for FREE! Get sms / text messages delivered to your email address for free! Free online account management & statistics No hidden charges. No contract

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All SMS to email messages will be sent to the email address opposite by default for all new accounts. Once you have received a minimum of 200 minutes worth of calls to your virtual number you can contact us to request that your sms messages are sent to your own email address. Alternatively set up a free account and log in to your portal and subscribe for GBP5.00 per month in which case SMS to email will be activated immediately

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Your free account will be de-activated and your virtual number will be allocated to a different user unless you receive a minimum of 30 minutes of calls to your virtual number per month. If you feel you will receive less than 30 minutes worth of calls to your number per month but you still wish to retain your number then you have the option to subscribe and retain your number for a payment of GBP 5.00 per month. You can subscribe by logging in to your account and clicking on the subscribe button. Please note that your first month will remain free.
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